Stand Up Paddle can be Enjoyed Whether You Live Near the Ocean or Not!

Stand up paddle is not a new sport, but it's entry into the mainstream has been fairly recent. Stand up paddle, paddle surfing, or SUP as its also known is great fun, relaxing, and an excellent core workout. SUP originated in Hawaii long ago we think and is known as “hoe he’e nalu” in Hawaiian.

Stand Up Paddle Guide

For those of you that are just learning about the sport, here are a few basics: The rider stands on a board that’s anywhere from 9 feet up to 15 or 16 feet in length. A single-bladed paddle is used to propel the rider through the water (similar to canoeing). SUP can be done in the ocean just like surfing (riding waves) or it can be done on flatwater (lakes, rivers, etc.) Almost any body of water will do in a pinch.

One of the main things that attracted me to the sport was its similarity to surfing, but with the ability to do it on flat lakes or when there’s no surf. It also helps to promote balance, so when you get a chance to get out in the waves, you’ll be ready!

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